【3.26 Instagram Live】Katsuyama Supreme Sake Brewery Tour & Talk

Katsuyama, a sake brewer in Miyagi Prefecture, will hold an online brewery tour and sake talk session using Instagram Live in English on March 26th, 2022 (Japan Standard Time). There is no charge for the seminar. A tasting program will be held during the session to teach you the characteristics of Katsuyama's delicious sake.

Operation Period

March 26, 2022 (Saturday)

Time Required

About 60 minutes

Number of Participants



0 JPY– (tax included)

Katsuyama was founded in 1688 in Sendai, the castle town of the Daté family, whose ancestor was the famous feudal lord Daté Masamune. We have been a leading brewer of fine sake in Sendai for over 330 years. In 1857, Katsuyama was appointed by the Sendai clan to serve as a sake brewery, and is currently the only surviving sake brewery in Miyagi Prefecture that serves the Daté family. Katsuyama is committed to the tradition and development of the Daté family's culture of fine sake and fine food, and to brewing the finest junmai (pure rice) sake. We aim to promote the excellence of sake as a national drink to the world.

During this experience program we will hold an online tour and presentation using the Instagram Live. This will be a relaxed social event in order to share the characteristics of Katsuyama sake. Katsuyama's president Heizo Isawa , together with Justin Velgus, a foreigner living in Sendai who is a certified sake sommelier, will be hosting the event. The program is open to foreigners from Japan and abroad, as well as Japanese people who want to introduce Japanese sake culture overseas. This program will be held entirely in English.

1)If you don’t have an Instagram account, please register for a free account using the Instagram application before the live session.
2)Search “katsuyamasake” on Instagram, then tap the Katsuyama logo to follow our account.
3)The Instagram live session begins on Saturday, March 26th, 2022 from 17:00 (5:00PM) (Japan Standard Time).
4)When the “LIVE” mark appears on the Katsuyama icon, click it to join the session.
5)The special tasting set used during the session consists of 4 types of sake. You can purchase in advance online, shipping available in Japan only.
--> 5,000 yen: Katsuyama Akatsuki, Ken, Lei, En 180ml 4-bottle set, with souvenir strap (tax included, free shipping). 

Event Contents:
・Learn about the characteristics of “Katsuyama” sake!
・Enjoy a virtual behind-the-scenes brewery tour!
・Talk and exchange session (live chat) with President Heizo Isawa!
・Tasting seminar: Let’s drink Katsuyama sake!
Total time is about 60 minutes.

Navigator: Mr. Heizo Isawa, President and Representative Director (Sendai Izawa Family Katsuyama Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.)
Guest: Mr. Justin Velgus (Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association)
1) Start time reference for other time zones (all on March 19th):
Los Angeles, USA: 01:00
New York, USA: 04:00
London, UK: 08:00
Singapore: 16:00
Taipei, Taiwan: 16:00
Sydney, Australia: 19:00

2) English translation of tasting set page.
Available for purchase here:
Join our brewery on this “Instagram Live” session featuring Katsuyama sake!
Official account "katsuyamasake". Live from 17:00 on March 19th, 2022!
*Tasting set will be delivered in a simple package.
*Not intended as a gift.

*The tasting set consists of 4 types of sake. You can join the session with or without sake.
Katsuyama Akatsuki (勝山 暁)
A sake supplied to the Daté family, 95 Parker points.
In order to create a super pure and delicious sake, we have created a detailed sake brewing process based on a new way of thinking. The top-rated Yamadanishiki rice produced in Mirai, Hyogo Prefecture, is beautifully milled down to 35%. The essence of the rice flavor is taken from the carefully brewed moromi (sake mash) at low temperatures using centrifugal pressing technology. Please enjoy the full, clear, and beautiful sake.

Katsuyama Ken (勝山 献)
A sake supplied to the Daté family.
This elegant sake has a gentle yet beautiful aroma. It offers a smooth drinking experience with a full flavor during the second half of drinking. It is slightly dry, with a mild acidity that balances well with the rich umami flavor, making it a good match for dishes that focus on ingredients, light-flavored dishes, and seafood.

Junmai Ginjo, Lei (鴒)
This very easy-to-drink sake has a fruity aroma like Japanese muskmelon, rich umami, and sweetness derived from umami. It is a perfect sake for beginners, but its rich umami also makes it ideal as an aperitif or appetizer, or in Western cuisine for meat dishes with sweet sauces or stewed dishes with tomato sauces. It should be drunk much more chilled than most sake.

Tokubetsu Junmai, En (縁)
An authentic Sendai style sake made from local "Hitomebore" rice and subsoil water from the same source. It has a mild aroma with no syrupy taste, making it ideal for use as a food pairing sake. It is a sake that goes well with Japanese food in general.

Let's drink Katsuyama sake with the brewer on Instagram Live!
Official Instagram account "katsuyamasake”

*Tasting set will be delivered in a simple package.
*Not intended as a gift.
Katsuyama Shuzo Brewery (main store)
[Free Shipping] Katsuyama Tasting Set
Akatsuki, Ken, Lei, En 180ml x 4 bottles
Drink Katsuyama sake with the brewery on Instagram LIVE!

【Katsuyama Shuzo] [Instagram]
Item number: r10001
Price 5,000 yen (tax included)
*Please note that we do not accept visitors to our brewery. We do not offer tours, tastings, or shopping at our brewery. Please join an online event or future promotion event, or enjoy shopping through stores, restaurants, and our online shop.

Katsuyama Sake Brewery, which ships high quality sake both domestically and internationally, has created an online seminar in English for sake fans! With the cooperation of the Sendai Tourism, Convention, and International Association, the seminar will provide an opportunity for foreigners who are interested in learning more about sake and promoting Japanese sake culture to the world to enjoy learning about the growing interest in Japanese food culture on a global scale. Foreigners living in Japan and abroad, as well as Japanese people who want to introduce Japanese sake culture overseas, are welcome to attend.

Experience Program Name【3.26 Instagram Live】Katsuyama Supreme Sake Brewery Tour & Talk
Activity LocationONLINE (with Instagram Live)
Time RequiredAbout 60 minutes
Operation PeriodMarch 26, 2022 (Saturday)
Start Time17:00 (Japan Standard Time)
Minimum number of participants1people
Maximum number of participants10,000people
One Participant0 JPY (Tax included)
What is included in the priceProgram viewing and participation.
What is not included in the priceThe tasting set is not included. You may purchase through the link below for 5,000 JPY.
The tasting set consists of 4 types of sake.
Method of PaymentThis is a free event.
Cancellation PolicyThere is no cancellation fee.
Meeting SpotThis is an online event, so please join from your home or a suitable place with internet access.
Meeting Time17:00 (Japan Standard Time)
AccessThis event will be held online through Instagram Live.
Barrier-free AccessNo
About multi-lingual supportJapanese/English