125 Experiences Gathered for "Sendai Experience Program" English Website!

On 10 December 2019, the "Sendai Experience Program" English website reached a new milestone of 125 published experience programs!* Furthermore, the Japanese version of the website exceeded 200 experiences in early December. The Sendai Experience Program launched on 30 October 2019.

The Sendai Experience Program Team continues to find and create programs to satisfy the needs of visitors to Sendai. Website users will find a wide range of experience programs covering various genres: town walking, activities, traditional culture/Japanese culture, traditional crafts/hands-on experiences, food & drink, leisure/museums, lifestyle & industrial tourism, and disaster prevention & recovery.

While not all the operators listed on the English website are able to speak fluent English, they have promised to happily welcome overseas guests to the best of their ability. The Sendai Experience Program Team supports operators through activities such as promotion, English translations, and consulting to create high quality experiences for participants.

Moving forward, the Sendai Experience Program Team will continue to regularly discover and create new content and experience programs to upload on this website. Also, the team will slowly expand the experience program beyond Sendai so tourists will be able to easily find things to do during day trips around the area.

*please note: some experiences are one-time events or seasonal programs and are removed from the website after the implementation date, thus not all the created programs will always be visible on the website.