Kaminoyama City Tourism and Products Association

"Kaminoyama Onsen" is proud to have a history of more than 560 years. Centuries ago this hot spring resort was once a lively castle town around Kaminoyama Castle and a post town of the Ushu Kaido highway. The town still has an historical atmosphere.

Also, Kaminoyama Onsen is one of Japan's leading wine-growing regions. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, such as the Zao mountain range, the area has the perfect conditions for producing quality wine: rich fertile soil, long daylight hours, and a large difference in temperature between day and night.

Why not hike around the beautiful mountains during the day, walk the castle town until sunset, then finish with hot springs and wine at night?

Address1-2-1 Yarai, Kaminoyama City,Yamagata-ken 999-3134
Telephone Number 023-672-0839
FAX 023-673-3622
Opening Hours9:00-17:00
Closed DaysOpen all year round.