Uchigasaki Brewing Co.

In 1618 a road was being constructed between the Yoshioka and Nanakita post stations along the Oshu Kaido highway. At this time Oribe Uchigasaki, ancestor of the Uchigasaki family, helped to establish Tomiya as a post town by the order of Sendai’ s founder Date Masamune. Our sake brewery’s operations were started by the second master of our family, Sakuemon Uchigasaki, in 1661. Since then, Uchigasaki has been brewing sake for over 360 years. We are proud to have the longest history of all breweries in Miyagi Prefecture. We brew traditional handmade sake with a focus on freshness and taste.

Address27 Tomiya Shinmachi, Tomiya, Miyagi, 981-3311, Japan
Telephone Number022-358-2026
Opening Hours8:30-17:00
Closed DaysSundays, holidays,2nd and 4th Saturdays