Wasshoi Lab

In order to revitalize inbound tourism, our association is involved in everything from management of the entire region to discovering attractions, publicizing information both domestically and internationally, and marketing. As a business promotion entity that creates attractive tourist areas through public-private collaboration within the region and wide-area regional collaboration, we strive to attract international tourists to the following 4 cities and 9 towns of southern Miyagi: Shiroishi City, Natori City, Kakuda City, Iwanuma City, Zao Town, Shichigashuku Town, Ogawara Town, Murata Town, Shibata Town, Kawasaki Town, Marumori Town, Watari Town, Yamamoto Town.

Address22-2 Machinishi, Marumori-machi, Igu-gun, Miyagi-ken 981-2165
Telephone Number0224-87-8081
Opening HoursApril-October 10:00-16:00, November-March 10:00-15:00
Closed DaysWednesdays・Thursday