Murayama City Tourism and Products Association

Murayama City is located in the center of Yamagata Prefecture. It is a special place full of beautiful nature. In addition to seasonal vegetable and fruit harvesting experiences, there are also activities that can only be experienced in our city, such as picking water shield plants. We also offer food experiences, such as a popular soba making experience. This city is home to the most important Hayashizaki Iai-jinja Shrine. The shrine is said to be the birthplace of Iaido (the art of quickly drawing and responding to attacks with a Japanese sword).

The Murayama City Tourism and Products Association offers various experiences every season. We are ready to welcome you to Murayama, Yamagata!

Address1-10-1 Shinmachi, Tateoka, Murayama-shi, Yamagata-ken 995-0033
Telephone Number0237-53-1351
Opening Hours8:30-17:15 
Closed DaysWeekends & national holidays