Atelier Seikicho

*Special note on the shop name from the Operator:
“Seikicho” (kanji means blue shining bird) comes from the name of a finch native to Africa , a.k.a. cordon bleu in French, sapphire in English, and pajaro azulito in Spanish, meaning little bluebird. Kei Kato as an artist and instructor used to live with two seikicho when she was a child . They were beautiful and often sang and danced well in front of her. Almost all of those who watched them, including herself, felt happy. Kei Kato wishes to put that kind of happiness into the name of Atelier Seikicho.

AddressSendai city
Telephone Number090-9714-4613
Opening Hours10:00 - 17:00
Closed DaysIrregular holidays