"Good grapes from good soil." We strive to create the best soil conditions possible in terms of biological, chemical and physical properties in order to give birth to higher quality grapes.

"Coexistence with nature." We practice environmentally friendly agriculture methods by establishing a control system that balances grape quality and yield while keeping the burden on the natural ecosystem to a minimum; For example, our soil is created using organic plant matter such as green manure and crushed pruned branch compost. We are constantly researching development, cultivation and brewing techniques in pursuit of delivering the highest quality wine while making sure that the grapes we harvest from the vineyard are at their very best.

1. To support Miyagi's specialty products, culture and art through Miyagi wine.
・ Produce wine and fruit liquor using fruit trees grown in the prefecture while promoting the production area
・ Expand sales channels and create new brands in collaboration with coastal fishermen and marine product producers
・ Planning and development of wine souvenirs in collaboration with traditional crafts

2. Spread Japanese wine culture in Miyagi and foster new leaders
・ Accept requests to train other businesses aiming to establish a winery
・ Offer student training and internships
・ Hold workshops and tasting sessions related to wine
・ Hold events such as wine festivals

3. Create wine producing areas and promote local tourism in the Akiu area
・Promote tourism, expand interaction within the community, attract foreign tourists, create jobs, and attract grape producers and wineries
・Hold wine festivals
・Implement overnight accommodation plans and events in collaboration with hotels, inns, and restaurants
・Cultivate high-quality grapes and produce wine that reflects the climate and environment of Akiu

4. Create Akiu hot springs with social significance and transmit hot spring culture to the world through wineries
・Expand the interaction of people in the affected coastal areas through tourism and taking advantage of accommodation capacity
・Share winery and hot spring culture with the world
・Develop overseas sales channels for Akiu wine

AddressBiwaharanishi 6, Akiumachi Yumoto, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken
Telephone Number022-226-7475
Opening Hours9:30~17:00
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