2023 Monthly Tea Gatherings at Tohoku's Famous Teahouse "Senan"

Experience tea inside a famous example of Tohoku's “sukiya-zukuri” architecture. The style and beauty of the building is perfect for enjoying a tea ceremony. *We have restarted our popular tea gatherings with corona virus preventive measures for safety and peace of mind.

Operation Period

The 3rd or 4th Sunday every month after

Time Required

About 30 minutes per session.

Number of Participants



900 JPY– (tax included)

See detailed fee

Located behind Dainenji-yama Park in Taihaku Ward, Sendai City, “Senan” teahouse is located next to Mogasakian teahouse. "Senan" was created by Seikou-in Temple in 1972. Furthermore, the caretaker Yoko Chika, late wife of 14th generation Urasenke Headmaster Sekiso Soshitsu, (also known by his religious name “Mugensai”) donated the building to Sendai when she was named as an honorary Sendai citizen. The tea room is a highly sophisticated sukiya-style teahouse, which is usually not open to the public.

This program is a series of the “DATE Culture in Historical Sendai, Discovering Tradition in Japanese Cultural Arts Project.” Join us for an unforgettable experience! Discover traditional Japanese cultural right here in the old castle town of Sendai! We will hold a "public tea ceremony" for the general public on the same days we host experience programs. Each tea gathering will begin with a brief lecture about "Senan Teahouse" and "The Way of Tea."

*Tea ceremony performances are held by instructors in two tea rooms--one with tables/chairs, and one with 8 tatami mats. In the room with tables and chairs, participants will be able to drink tea (thin tea: 900 yen; thick tea 1500 yen;green tea: 800 yen ).

【Event Days】 ① 4/9 (Sun.), 2023 ② 6/25 (Sun.), 2023 ③ 7/16 (Sun.), 2023 ④ 8/27 (Sun.), 2023 ⑤ 9/24 (Sun.), 2023 ⑥ 10/22 (Sun.), 2023 ⑦ 11/26 (Sun.) 2023 ⑧ 12/24 (Sun.) 2023 ⑨ 2/25 (Sun) 2024 ⑩ 3/24 (Sun) 2024

【Tea Ceremony Instructors】
① 8 tatami mat room, Shokei Gakuin University Tea Ceremony Club, Niyukai (Urasenke School), Urasenke-style tea master, Ono Sensei       
(The 8 tatami mat tea room will be used for Koicha (thick tea) and the tea ceremony using tables and chairs, as well as for confectioneries and a waiting area)

② Room with tables & chairs: Omotesenke-style tea master, Sato Sensei
8 tatami mat room: Omotesenke-style tea master, Sato Sensei

【Guest Target】 Elementary school students and above
(※ Elementary and junior high school students should participate with parents)

【No. of Participants】No limit. *We will welcome guests anytime during the event hours to come in and see (*You may have to wait outside a short time for the next session if the current one is full).

【Cost of Tea】
Thin Tea: 1 session: 900 yen
Thick Tea: 1 session: 1,500 yen
Green Tea: 1 session: 800 yen

We are holding monthly events at Mogasakian and Senan teahouses to share unique aspects of traditional Japanese culture. Please come and join us!

Experience Program Name2023 Monthly Tea Gatherings at Tohoku's Famous Teahouse "Senan"
Activity LocationSenan teahouse
Time RequiredAbout 30 minutes per session.
Operation PeriodThe 3rd or 4th Sunday every month after
Start TimeSession ① 13:00~ ・ Session ② 13:50~ ・ Session ③ 14:40~
Minimum number of participants1people
Maximum number of participants100people
Important notes regarding participation* Considering the health and safety of both the participants and the management staff, we ask that you wear a face mask and cooperate with cough etiquette as part of measures to prevent infection from the new coronavirus. Also, visitors with over a 37.5℃ body temperature should refrain from joining the event.
Thin Tea: 1 participant, 1 session (property damage insurance fee of 100 yen included)900 JPY (Tax included)
Thick Tea: 1 participant, 1 session (property damage insurance fee of 100 yen included)1,500 JPY (Tax included)
Green Tea: 1 participant, 1 session (property damage insurance fee of 100 yen included)800 JPY (Tax included)
What is included in the priceExperience fee, tea fee.
Method of PaymentPlease pay cash on the day.
Meeting Spot10-19, 3-Chome, Mogasakian, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken 982-0843
Mogasakian, inside the front entrance.
Meeting TimeCome during anytime the event is held.
Access【Municipal Bus】Board the bus bound for "Wild Plants Garden (Yasoen)" at bus stop No. 6 at the Sendai Station West Bus Pool. Get off at the final stop, "Yasoen-mae," then walk 5 minutes.
(bus to event)Sendai Station Departure 12:40 - "Yasoen-mae" Arrival 12:57
(bus to event)Sendai Station Departure 13:10 - "Yasoen-mae" Arrival 13:27
(bus to event)Sendai Station Departure 13:41 - "Yasoen-mae" Arrival 13:58
・Room for 10 cars (parking shared with Senan, free).
・On days these programs take place, participants may use the Dainenji-yama Park/ Mujintobyo cemetery temporary parking lot (about 2 minutes away on the same road as Mogasakian teahouse).
Barrier-free AccessNo
About Guides and ToursStaff can speak simple English.
About multi-lingual supportJapanese/English