Convention and Excursion Activities in Japan

Ideas & Inspiration for Event Organizers

Like many other large cities in Japan, you’ll find fascinating samurai history, soothing hot springs, delicious foods, and ancient temples and shrines, mixed with modern conveniences in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. What makes our city standout is its harmony with nature, resilience of overcoming disasters, and inspiration and leadership in various research and technologies through Tohoku University and other institutions. Sendai’s weather is mild, yet visitors can enjoy the distinct seasonal changes such as snow, cherry blossoms, and autumn leaves. And thanks to the city’s walkable city center, participants will have the confidence to roam around and freely interact with the friendly locals for an even more memorable experience.

While you are here, why not add-on some group activities or after-convention excursions? If you find a program you are interested in, please contact the experience program operator directly. If you are interested in holding a convention or conference in Sendai, the Sendai Convention Bureau (MICE Promotion Section) is happy to assist in planning and coordinating. Learn more and conncect through the convention website here: